Tenerife Paper Chase

How can recording something say something?


.......at the risk of sounding rhetorical.  Highly compact visuals (yes, I got the watercolours out.... approximately postcard sized, with luggage weight restrictions in mind) of miscellaneous holiday impressions, which then turned in to a highly mobile glass (plastic) vitrine cabinet exhibition, which travelled around various parts of two Birmingham City University buildings (October 2016).  Being mobile and restless it was able to choose and chase it's audience in the most inconvenient, but visible places.


I was subsequently asked to present a short lecture to students about to embark on a foreign trip, reflecting on spontaneous forms of visual research.  This caused me to to interrogate and categorise what I had otherwise quite casually recorded in Tenerife.  So, I extracted more value from the experience, hopefully without over-analysing the whole thing?

I arrived at some loose classifications of what I had done; what might constitute visual research, and I was able to pool them in to five tentative groups:






Extrapolate might be my favourite, but mostly because I think it's a marvellous word...