Lets talk about Practice and how we love it: Jo Berry

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Studying Graphics in Newcastle, specialising in Illustration before studying for an MA in Illustration (1990)  at the Royal College of Art (RCA). The RCA changed the direction of my practice as I was greatly influenced by being taught by stimulating maverick tutors who delivered an egalitarian student teacher educational mentoring system supported by world-class speakers, exhibition and external opportunities. Peers, tutors and the wider artistic community within this creative hub seemed to be working together to encourage innovation between disciplines.  This experience acted as a catalyst to make visible the possibility of working fluidly across disciplines.  It taught me that if we want to nurture creative talent, we have to cherish the creative community we inhabit, value and support education, share knowledge, instil a hunger for our specialist subject disciplines and work within the broader field of art and design.

In 2018, I started to lead the Graphic Arts Facility (GAF)  with a vision to use this platform to facilitate, illuminate and challenge all perceptions concerning graphic arts practice, theory and outputs from a non-hierarchical stance.

Over the next few months, there are going to be a series of articles from staff and students talking about their passion for their practice and I hope we can all be inspired from these.

Personally, I am interested in how art can impact STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math’s) by promoting STEAM ((Science Technology ART Engineering and Math’s). My current research and focus are to provide a philosophical engagement with science through the lens of an artist by working directly with experts in the field. This research has its roots in a collaboration of over ten years with the School of Life Sciences, Nottingham University and their project Advanced imaging and Microscopy. It is leading to further collaborations with an extensive network of internationally renowned research laboratories and institutions in the field of bioscience and neuro-imaging.