Lets talk about practice and why we love it: Kristian Jones

My background spans a multitude of disciplines, I consider my approach to Graphic arts to be multidisciplinary using a wide variety of analogue and digital mediums to create work, from moving image, design interaction, illustration, creative technology and coding.

My creative career started life working for a number of graphic design agencies in the UK for around 12 years. Brand strategy and immersive digital experience design were a focus in my early work and later for larger clients such as Nike, Adidas, Mercedes and many more.

Continuing my multidisciplinary approach to graphic arts my practice turned towards illustration, and in 2012 I confounded an illustration collective in 2012 The Brothers of the Stripe, which paved the way to show case work in leading galleries and event spaces from the Royal Academy and Glastonbury festivals. Working collectively with like-minded individuals allowed for an experimental space to flourish and the confidence to attempt larger scale projects. My personal Illustration work tried to depict our relationship with the modern world in a surreal and twisted form to highlight the problems with modern day living, preying on the innocence of childhood imagination and youth comprised by new age capitalism.

My current work considers the impact of advancing digital technology has on society. Graphic arts have always been the arena in which I feel best positioned to discuss challenging themes by way of creating work to evoke conversation, discussion and debate. My work to date uses a wide variety of technological approaches to explore philosophical, and ontological questions through the very technology that has shaped our society today. As technology continues to shape our collective society, graphic arts is an increasingly more important way to continually question and explore new ways of seeing the world.

Our digital society enables much more than ever before, we are connected, open and free to explore the world in ways that are new to us all, my practice explores this new process, revealing the unseen in an ever growing digitally augmented reality, using art to question our actions in a landscape that is new to us all.

I currently study an MA in contemporary fine art at MMU with a particular focus on interactive media and creative coding.



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